Rural2Rural Skills, Jobs, Careers and Entrepreneurship initiative is a programme that travels across rural South Africa aimed at educating, training, exposing and advising (Small Businesses, Youth, Women and people living with Disabilities) in rural areas to engage in further education and career opportunities, skills development, entrepreneurship opportunities, training and employment opportunities. It is set to be South Africa’s leading, largest skills, jobs, careers and entrepreneurship initiative that enables individuals from rural communities to explore real job opportunities, tertiary and TVET course options, find learnerships, bursaries, business opportunities and plan new career pathways.

R2R was established to promote and expose real opportunities to individuals around rural communities especially youth, women and people living with disabilities as well as to establish sustainable partnerships between all rural development catalysts. Through its knowledge management and research department, the R2R Initiative is able to provide its partners with an in-depth knowledge, platforms and networks about the developments of rural communities as well as understanding the challenges and realities facing youth, small businesses and people living with disabilities with the rural communities.


Rural2Rural Skills, Jobs, Careers and Entrepreneurship Initiative was born out of research and engagement with some rural communities and it was formulated to help overcome some of the rural challenges. The programme is a broad combination of; Soft Skills, Career guidance, entrepreneurial skills and opportunities, Jobs and skills opportunities for rural communities especially youth, women and people living with disabilities.

The main objective of this initiative is to empower rural individuals to navigate their career paths, be exposed to entrepreneurial opportunities and business support, access skills and jobs opportunities as well as manage themselves through the ever changing day to day world of work. At the centre of this developmental programme are the entrepreneurial skills to assist the youth to convert their technical skills and qualification into products and service, start, manage and grow their businesses.


Rural2Rural is administered by: